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Magpul MOE Rifle Stock MAG404

Magpul MOE Rifle Stock MAG404

$69.95 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) is a line of firearm accessories designed to provide a high-quality, economical alternative to standard weapon parts. The MOE line distinguishes itself with a simplified feature set, but maintains Magpul engineering and material quality.

The Magpul MOE Rifle Stock is a drop-in replacement for AR15/M16 A1 and A2 rifle stocks utilizing the standard rifle-length receiver extension (buffer tube). Designed as a basic upgrade, the stock features integral 1.25" sling loop, optional dual-side front and rear QD mounting points, replaceable anti-slip rubberized butt-pad, and internal storage compartment accessible through the rear storage door.

Made in U.S.A.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations Controlled Product
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  • Details

    Features •Mounts to rifle-length receiver extension tube without A2 spacer (not included)
    •Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort
    •Overall shape provides for offhand hold options
    •Rubber butt-pad provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage
    •Large storage compartment easily accessible behind hinged butt-plate
    •Knockout bosses on the bottom allow for the addition of an optional accessory rail
    •Sling Mounts
    • Bottom Rear - 1.25" Sling loop

    • Front/Rear – Optional Sling Mounts fit up to 1.5" push-button QD swivels

    Optional Accessories* •PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80"
    •Sling Mount Kit - Type 1 for single-side swivel mounting
    •Sling Mount Kit - Type 2 for dual-side swivel mounting
    •MOE® Polymer Rail Section, 5 Slots
    Specifications** •MOE Rifle Stock
    • Weight, Stock: 14.0 oz.

    • Weight, w/rifle receiver extension: 17.6 oz.

    • Length, Max: 10.5"

    • LOP: ~13.3"

    NOTE: The MOE Rifle Stock is a direct replacement for an A1 or A2 fixed stock. Fitting to a carbine with a collapsible stock will require a rifle-length receiver extension tube, rifle buffer and spring (not included).

    * Optional PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80" adds 0.50 in. LOP and 1.0 oz. vs. standard pad.

    ** Specifications based on factory configuration.
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